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About PAWA


We are Pawa

PAWA Architecture is an Australian and Papua New Guinean (PNG) based creative design practice specialising in sustainable, climate-responsive tropical architecture.

Our vision is to provide “architecture for people, for community” and is embedded within our design projects as the key driver to success.

PAWA has the necessary skills to undertake a wide range of design categories comprising commercial, industrial, education, health, civic and tourism projects.

We specialise in tropical design, community-focussed remote field architecture, aid development and disaster responsive design.



PAWA derives from the PNG pidgin translation of “strength” and “power” and underpins our core values and design ethos:

Our mission is “to build up, empawa and repawa people and community throughout the architectural design process whilst respecting the environment.”

The term “Architect” is reserved for those persons only whom are registered under a government-regulated board in their respective state or territory in accordance with the Architects Act (2002). The main objective of this Act is to protect the public by ensuring the services of an architect are delivered in a professional and competent way.

PAWA has Registered Architects under the Board of Architects Queensland and the Board of Architects of Papua New Guinea respectively.

Architect’s Registration # QLD
Architect’s Registration # PNG


Senior Executive Management

  • Andrew McFadden

    Managing Director & Senior Architect

  • Janet Kimbu

    PNG National Director

  • Nicky Swan

    Community Engagement & Relationships Manager

  • Bill Tapp

    Senior Architect

  • Peter Mende

    Architectural Graduate

  • Shane Ball

    Senior Architectural Technician

  • Brian Corns

    Architectural Technician

  • Lucien Kani

    Architectural Draftsman